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Alyssa Horneff
Board of Education

Envisioning a Better Future for Tuxedo Students, Families & Community!


Why Do I Want to Serve on the Board of Education?

My name is Alyssa Horneff. After living in New York City for the past decade, my husband and I moved to Tuxedo to start our family a little over two years ago.  As a new mother to my 20-month old son — my top priority in life is ensuring his long term well being. In an increasingly competitive world that means providing him with access to the best educational opportunities while allowing him to safely experience all the joys of childhood.

With the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley surrounding us, the historical significance of the Park and the new development both here and in Sloatsburg I believe that with the right leadership Tuxedo can serve as a beacon for new families. 

After graduating from NYU I worked as a teacher, performed in the Metropolitan Opera, and eventually was an early employee for the fitness technology company ClassPass. In my current role as a Director of the Flatiron School I help drive new students to our schools where they learn software engineering, data science and design. If elected, I hope to bring that same spark to Tuxedo.


Alyssa Horneff

my platform PRINCIPLES

Focus on the Student

Our children deserve the best academic, athletic and social opportunities and as a community, it's our responsibility to provide them.

Lower Property Taxes

New families are the heart of our town and attracting them means we need to make it economically feasible to join and grow roots in our community. 

Specialize & Partner

The school should focus on specialized academic and extracurricular programs while partnering with neighboring communities to expand its unique footprint.

A Vision For Tuxedo

I'd Love to Hear from You

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